Thomas and Jane Rose had seven children, six of whom had families. The genealogy of these families, is organised in what is known as the ‘ Henry System’ of numbering. The first digit of the left hand side numbers refers to the child of Thomas and Jane; 1 = Thomas, 2 = Mary and so on. Reading the numbers from the right 16B for instance means that Alfred Joseph Cobcroft is the eleventh child of the sixth child, Elizabeth,.of Thomas and Jane. To find the children of a couple, say, 16, Elizabeth and William John Cobcroft, the next entry 161, Emma is their first child. Run down the column ‘till the three digit numbers beginning with 16 finish and so on.

The extent of the genealogy on this site is limited to three generations of each family. In fact many branches of the family now extend to eight generations.

The information order is generally:

  • descendant's name
    • date of birth
    • place of birth
    • date of death
    • place of death
    • date married
    • place of marriage

  • spouse's name
  • date of birth, place of birth
  • date of death, place of death
  • where buried or cremated
    • spouse’s parents names
      • date of marriage
      • place of marriage

A number of date entries are in the form, eg, 1887/12678 Moree. These entries are where the exact date has not been provided and the entry has been found in the official Register of births deaths and marriages, 1887 is of course, the year and 12678 is the register number and Moree is where the event was registered but it may not necessarily be where the event actually occurred. If descendants wish to apply for a certificate for a particular event, these particulars are required to be entered on the appropriate application form.

Genealogy Chart

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