Membership Process

Full membership of the Thomas and Jane Rose Family Society is open to anyone who can demonstrate a direct lineage to any of the descendants of Thomas and Jane Rose.

Associate membership is available to any other interested persons, should they wish to join. The membership subscription is as detailed and entitles associate members to a copy of each issue of the "Lore of the Roses"/ any other news letters issued/ attend meetings etc., while they remain financial, but does not allow them to vote on any matter being considered by the Society.

A Genealogical line chart [available here] must be clearly completed and sent together with the Membership application form [available here] and payment to:

PO Box 7080
Silverwater NSW 2128

Note: both these downloadable documents are in pdf format. If you are unable to use pdf, or are viewing the web using assistive technology, then use the 'Contact Us' page to ask for the document to be sent to you.

The form and relevant information will then be sent. If there is any uncertainty about the lineage, please contact who will conduct a search of the data and establish the connection.

Financial members of the Society are entitled to attend all meetings and to vote upon issues affecting the Society. The Society’s bulletin, "The Lore of the Roses", published twice yearly (June and December) is included free of charge. The Bulletin is the ‘Continuing story of Thomas and Jane Rose’ and contains all the latest news affecting the Society. A selection of these items are included in the Rose News area of this site.